Monday, 28 January 2013

Current Available Stock !~

Dear All,

Below is our updated list of product we have ! You can contact us to buy or to Kenyalan mall cd shop, 100 yen rh plaza. Their stock some time is limited due to we cannot restock on time. You can contact us to meet up as well.

1.5 CM High Quality Nano Marimo - RM 20 each

 We have starter pack as well, green, blue, orange, yellow, red and black marble as bottom decoration.

Starter pack is RM 26.90 each

5 CM Big Marimo RM 40 each

Pudding Jar with Seatree and Shell selling at RM 32 each

Seatree Silver Cap Jar RM 30 each

Couple Jar Set RM 62 each

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Marimo Christmas Sales !

Looking for present? We got Marimo Christmas theme present best for you to gift away :D

We selling Marimo size range from 1CM to 5CM+. Our Marimo are well take care and healthy !

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Marimo Creative Design Competition

Last week we have successfully held Marimo Creative Design Competition, contestant are required to bring their nice Marimo design and show us. Below are the Winner list.

Group A (Nano Marimo)

1. Sheynne Lim - Marimo Ocean
 2. Edward Teo - 海枯石烂

3. Kimmie Chin - Sakura Love Story

Group B (Tiny, Junior, Giant)
 1. Sheynne Lim - Marimo Ocean

2. Louis - 五彩缤纷的 Marimo
 3. Edward Teo - 我的爱巢

Monday, 20 August 2012

Marimo is now with 100YEN Shop!

Great news for Marimo Lover, you can now buy Marimo at anytime from 10AM-10PM at 100Yen shop located at RH Plaza BDC & Green Height Shopping Mall.

100Yen is one of the popular shop selling Japan product, you can shop for more Japan stuff during the hunting of our lovely Marimo.

Green Height Shopping Mall located at Taman Green Height.  

It's on the first floor of Green Height Shopping Mall. 

This 100Yen shop is located at RH Plaza Commercial Centre BDC.

There have professional sales staff will explain how to take care of our lovely Marimo. Not yet have a Marimo? Go and visit them now ! :D

Car Boot Sales At Green Height Mall

Last Saturday we have participate the car boot sales at Green Height Mall to brings our lovely Marimo out to get more new friends with everyone. It's a wonderful experience because it's more people get to know what is Marimo and how unique it is. 

 Our Marimo also is featured in the Pets宠物情缘 Magazine August edition.

Alot kids have a very high curiosity and passion towards marimo and most of them will buy to learn how to take care. It's very great cause when kids start to learn how to take care live plant, or animal, it create a very good habit, loves towards the life and educated them to appreciate life and also learn how to be discipline in taking care life things.

 Everyone find it's interesting because of the shape of Marimo, its round and it's green, which the only plant that have such a wonderful shapes.

We would like to thanks everyone who come and support and get to know what is Marimo, we wish it's bring happiness, love and luck to everyone !

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Understand your Marimo and Giving Care with Love

What is Marimo?
Marimo is a species of filamentous green algae found in a number of lakes in northen hemisphere.  The most well known is a lake in Japan called Akan Lake.  Some other colonies can be found in Iceland, Scotland, and Estonia.  The rare growth and slow growth of Marimo has made it's species a very valuable piece in the whole world.

So, Does it Grow?
Yes!  Marimo is a growing species.  It is known that the growth of Marimo is very slow  that it takes 10 years to grow into a tiny pinch of Marimo.  Some people might have thought if the growth of Marimo is so slow, then what is the point of giving so much care and love?  NO, as a Marimo lover, you'll know if you neglected your Marimo, it can actually kill them.  The early sign of dying Marimo is when it started to turn brown on the outside.

Wait.... Do not be worry just yet, taking care of Marimo isn't sound as complicated.  In fact, Marimo is very 'easy going' once you have understand them very well.  We all know Marimo is a kind of living thing which survives in the water.  The main element needed for Marimo is water,  we all know plant absorb carbon dioxide and light source in order to perform photosynthesis, in the water, it is exactly the same as well.  Let me share some little secret with you,  by taking good care and lots of love will boost your Marimo growth while maintaining a good health for it!

What Kind of Light Source does my Marimo need?
In the Nature,  Marimo lives in deep lake, they receive natural sunlight at a very low level where lighting a considered not too strong for them.  That's mean, your Marimo only need a very low output lighting.  Any household lighting is suitable enough for them to thrive well.
Note : Remember, Do put them under direct sunlight, It can Kills them!

Taking care of the Temperature
Okay, let us go back to the Nature again.  Now we all know Marimo come from nature lake, in the lake, there is such a huge amount volume of water enough to keep the water temperature low without rising too rapidly under direct sunlight.  The running water of natural lake also keep the temperature maintain at a safe level.  This is the reason why we advice you not to place your Marimo under direct sunlight as it could rise the temperature of the water can eventually send you Marimo to hell.
Okay, I've speak so much fear words,  to keep your Marimo healthy, any room temperature is good enough. My opinion here is to avoid having the temperature exceed 30 degree celcius although many webs says 12-35 celcius is safe.  When it gets too hot during summer or dry season,  you can store your marimo into fridge (not frost!)  for a 6-12 hours to keep them cool.  The same common sense happen to human when we get too hot, turn on the aircond (of course you don't put yourself in the fridge).  All right, cut the crap, let us go to the next little secret =)

When and what should we do during Water Changing?
We suggest you to change the water once very 2-4 weeks to keep your Marimo healthy.  So,  why water change?  Look, we all know plants absorb carbon dioxide and light source to make food for its own.  Carbon dioxide exist in water can eventually goes ''empty'' in a tight covered glass jar (most of us keep them in jar).  If they are lacked of carbon dioxide, it unlikely for them to be suffocated and die off, but it could affect your Marimo's health and growth.  

What kind of water should I provide for my Marimo?
Well, some of you might be shocked to hear we saying tap water is fine.  Thinking, doesn't the chlorine in tap water can actually harm them?  The answer is No, Marimo is a species of cladophora aegagropila moss ball, there's no worry in using direct pipe or tap water.  If you are still worried, just leave the tap water 1 day in a bowl as the chlorine will evaporate after that.  

What Should I do during water change? 
There's nothing much to do, you'll only have to gently massage your marimo and squeeze of the dirty water within the marimo.  Put them back into the 'fresh' water and squeeze it gently again.  Repeat the step for 1-2 times.  Listen, Squeeze Gently, Dont make it too hard, if the shape turns to be oval after squeezing, Massage Gently and rub them into round shape again.

Now you have understand the basic, if you are looking for more information regarding Marimo, please visit to ,  we uploaded several notes there to share with all Marimo lover!  Thank you for your passion to read our post and we believe Marimo can brings you happiness, love, and luck! 

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Marimo Getting More Friends in Sarawak !

In 24 June 2012, it's our first time to bring Marimo to Kuching street at Stutong and making friends with the public. In conjunction with the Car Boot Sale sponsor by MBKS and Ibraco, we grab this opportunity to bring Marimo out to make friends with everyone. 


Early in the morning, we get ready our Marimo showcase and waiting for new Marimo owners. It isn't take a long time, the friendliness and cuteness of Marimo have attract people walking by to comes have a look. 

Everyone comes with a question "What is this" ? All different age group of people passing by and stop at our booth to examine themselves the uniqueness of Marimo. And started to know where it come from, how to take care of it.

After a while, Marimo getting more friends stop by to get to know each other and follow new owner go home. Its exciting moments when everyone come to have a look and enjoy the greens, cute Marimo that place in Jars. Its our pleasure to be able to share how to take care, how does it growth to all the new onwer.

Its' almost everybody come to the attention of  "please touch me" sign, which shout by our lovely giant Marimo. They are showing the power of spongy they have, some of the customer get surprise that it can be soak, it can be float on the water after being press. It's definitely fun moment when customer experience it and touch it themself.

We close shop in the afternoon after the heavy rain, although it's heavy rain, it did not stop some of the customer to come by have a look and bring Marimo back. We felt thankful and grateful that everyone have such a passion and love with the Marimo.

Hereby we would like to thanks for everyone given the support to us, and the opportunity given by Car Boot Sales organizer and sponsor. 

Last and not least, we wish our.....

Marimo brings you Happiness, Love and Luck !

Marimo Say Hello to Sarawakian !

 Welcome to Marimo Club Sarawak Blogs, 

its dedicate to all marimo lover and our member in Sarawak. 

We will keep out blog update whenever we have any new products, event upcoming in town !

We hereby wishing all that Marimo brings you happiness,  love and luck !

We place our nano Marimo in different size of bottle which suitable for gift, 
decorations which is easy to take care and looks cute.


All our Marimo is come from Marimo Club headquarter, which is have been quarantine and with good care before depart to Kuching, Sarawak. For more information on the product we offer in Kuching, Sarawak, you can visit our Facebook and place your order.

Marimo (毬藻, literally "ball seaweed"), also known as Cladophora ball, Lake ball, or Moss Balls in English, is a species of filamentous green algae (Chlorophyta) found in a number of lakes in the northern hemisphere. A marimo is a rare growth form of the species where the algae grow into large green balls with a velvety appearance. Colonies of such balls are only known to found in Japan, Iceland, Scotland and Estonia.

Marimo is a gift from natures, due to the growth rate of itself is only about 5mm-1cm per year, the size become one of the factor determine its value.  Due to its rareness and uniqueness, Marimo have become popular among the aquarium hobbyist because its very suitable to keep in aquarium, and low maintenance.

In Japanese, Mari is a bouncy ball, while Mo is a generic term for aquatic plant. Marimo is native to the Akan Lake in Japan.  During 1920s,  Marimo was declared to be a national treasure in Japan.

Due to this reason, Marimo have become more meaningful, it symbol as an unique aquatic plant that represent "happiness, love and luck" in their region. They also have Marimo Festival every year in October.

As the seller of Marimo in Sarawak, we wish everyone enjoy this gift from nature, taking good care for it, 
let's its become your life companion that always brings you happiness, love and luck !